I was desperate for compassion.  I was desperate for a Christian to hear my pain and carry my
burden.  I looked in the phone book and I found "Compassionate Christian Counseling".  I will
never forget my first phone call with Don.  He shared with me this verse; Romans 8:28 - And
we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the
called according to His purpose."  I did not know then how powerful this verse would mean to
me until 2 years after meeting with Don for the first time.  After 2 years of counseling and 2
years of wonderful healing, the truth being told, our church wrapping their arms around us,
and reconciliation, our family is whole again.  We even welcomed into the world our fourth
child.  We look back at where we were before God intervened and took hold of our marriage
and we can't believe it was our family.  We are forever changed and forever grateful to Don's
wisdom and guidance.  You won't regret the decision to make the first call for an
appointment.  You and your family are worth it.  And that Romans 8:28 passage----the
extramarital affair that we experienced has worked for the better good for our family and our
community.  We're ok because God is in control and He has molded us into something useful.  
We're ok, and happy.  And yes, you can forgive.
                                   J.S. - Centre County
Copyright 2003 - 2021 Compassionate Christian Counseling
I came to counseling still reeling from five significant losses or life changes within a
year's time and remained in counseling for some months.  It took time to absorb the
powerful message that having a dependably attentive listener, patiently and kindly
present, gave me--but the message was just what I needed.  God had not forgotten me;
and he still cares deeply for me, even in the midst of turmoil.  Indeed, by the time I
realized I no longer needed counseling, I had successfully coped with three more
significant losses or life changes.  I also gained new strength and clear willingness to
take on the task of building major increases in my life to fill what had earlier seemed only
achingly empty.  Thank you, Don, for making love real to me.  And thank you, God, for
bringing this person into my life.
                                   A. - Blair County
We truly appreciate the Christ
centered marital counseling that Don
provides.  His wisdom and guidance
reflects that God's Word is at the core
of his life and within his marriage.  It is
evident that he practices what he
preaches.  His chosen profession is
obvious by an answer to God's call
upon his life.  Our risk for divorce is
now "0"!
M. & D. - Blair County
I met Don in January.  Since then he
has seen me through some of the
roughest of times.  But with his
compassionate manner and steadfast
hand, he gave me hope.  He also held
me accountable for any type of slip or
back sliding that occurred.  Don's
wisdom, thoughtfulness, and Christ-like
manner has served as a light for me the
past year and a half.
         B. - Cambria County
Don is the most fantastic person that anyone could have the pleasure to meet.  He
has taken our 13 year marriage from the brink of breakup and has helped us do a
360 degree turn around.  He has become a very important person in our lives and
he has opened our eyes to each other.
We are more in love now than we have ever been!  We thank God everyday for
putting Don on this earth to help us.  He does not put the blame of marriage
problems on anyone.  He just wants you to move on and become stronger with
each other and be more open.  Every time you leave a session, no matter what is
discussed inside, you feel relieved and happy because he is such a gentle soul and
brings the best out in you.
                                  D. & S. - Blair County
Don McClune has a wonderful
ability to relate to people and
their personal struggles.  His
advice is invaluable in helping
our marriage to be a success.”
M. - Centre County
We firmly believe that God sent Don into our lives as a divine
appointment.  He is truly a gifted and "compassionate" counselor.
Through Don's love, encouragement, Godly instruction, and his
terrific sense of humor, we were able to overcome our very
painful divorces.  He is so patient and positive.
We met each other through his ministry, and were married with
Don performing the service in our Church!  Naturally, we highly
recommend Don and his "Compassionate Christian Counseling"
ministry to anyone in need."
                     E. & K. - Mifflin County
Don has been helping my fiancé and me for a few months now and
we have grown to trust him with our struggles.  My fiancé and I are
very stubborn, but Don has never given up on us.  He has a huge
heart and is willing to walk step by step with us.  He has allowed us
to call him freely no matter what time of day it is.  He always returns
your phone call .  He has provided Biblical scriptures to help us
along in our every day temptations.  He has helped our
communication grow in many ways.  Don has a very compassionate
heart and will help us in any way he possibly can.  God has truly
blessed us with a very special person that has many God given
talents that he uses to reach out to those in need.
                     A. & M. - Mifflin County
Compassionate Christian Counseling
is a place I discovered that really has
helped me with life situations.
Getting to know Don and with  his
help I am in the process of changing
my life for a better future
  B. - Blair County
This is a long time coming word of thanks.  We are so thankful to you and your gift of
counseling. The Lord has truly blessed you with a gift that you chose to share and help
others with.  What a beautiful ministry you have.  We brought our broken child to you
and with the Lord's help, you pieced her back together, one piece at a time, one day at a
time.  You helped her to change her behavior and develop a sense of well-being.  You
gave her tools for coping and prayed scripture over her.  You came into her life as no
Divine appointment?  It is funny how the Lord works through a desperate mother
"googling" Christian Counselors.  It's funny how a pediatrician told the same mother that
her child needed medication in order to stop the behaviors she was exhibiting.  It is quite
a testimony for this same mother to return to her daughter's pediatrician with a testimony
of faith.
I know you have helped many couples in need, but your ability to relate to children is also
a gift in of itself.  My daughter felt comfortable with each and every session and even
when you wanted to "discharge" her, she wanted to come back yet ONE MORE TIME!  You
made her feel at ease and showed her that, with the Lord's help, she could overcome
anything that came into her life and path.  I can only pray that she is able to use her
experience someday for the Lord.
Once again, we thank you for all that you have done for our daughter.  We realize that it
wasn't all you, but our Great God using you as a mighty vessel for His glory!
God bless you and your ministry!
                                              J. & M. - Mifflin County
A favorite Bible verse of mine is John 3:16:  "For God so loved the world,
that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him
should not perish, but have everlasting life."  My life almost came to an end
two and a-half years ago.  My marriage was a disaster and on the way to
divorce court.  The grandchildren, whom God blessed me with, were
almost taken away from me and I would never see them again.  The time
came, when my loving and caring sister had to intervene for me.  She
introduced me to Don and his ministry called "Compassionate Christian
Counseling".  At first, I was hesitant to go and meet this person, Don, but
when I got to his office, I was surprised to find him easy to talk to and very
professional.  He is not there to judge you for your actions, but he is there
to give you guidance and encouragement.  I really don't know where I
would be to this date if it hadn't been for Don and our Christian counseling
sessions.  I want to thank Don for all his help, and especially his patience
with me.  My family and grandchildren are with me today and now I can
give them lots of hugs and kisses.  God bless you, Don, for being there
when I needed you.
                                   T.G. - Blair County
I have thought of you and thanked God for you so many times.  
God has been so good and I am amazed at the beautiful life He has
given me.  I am married to an amazing, GODLY man...I seem to
remember you telling me this was going to happen...and am so
happy and loved.  Thank you again for your prayers, counsel and
love.  I can say that God used you in a mighty way to put the
pieces of my heart and life together so they could mend and
become whole once again.
                        K.S. - Blair County
I just want to take time to thank you Don.  You have made
a difference in my life.  You may not see it or understand
how it could be, but you have no idea how bad off I was
dealing with my ex-, his family, courts, male lawyer, and
even the police.
Your influence may not have been so much a straight
forward one through guided advice, but it was the
messages you gave me in my head.  Your actions towards
me and gentle reminders like, "no one is perfect but the
one true God" and "cut yourself a break, God does".  It
was those positive images and positive statements that I
needed to hear from a person I came to respect.  I think
over time that Jesus, in you, spoke to God's healing the
distrust I had for men - any man.  I do thank you, Don, for
your ministry and I pray God continues to bless you.
                               B.W. - Blair County
Thanks for everything, Don!  
Once again, you have been the
catalyst for turning me
around.  I am thoroughly
satisfied with the direction and
wisdom you share.
D.M. - Centre County
Thank you for taking your time to
bring me back to God.  You are truly
inspiring!  You made an awesome
difference in my life.  Also, than you
for the Bible.  I am truly blessed!
L.R. - Blair County

Dr. McClune and Compassionate Christian Counseling helps people......

That’s a simple statement, but I know it’s true!  If you are like me, as a pastor, it’s difficult to find a quality
counselor that can help with your counseling load.  At First Church, we have partnered with Compassionate
Christian Counseling since 2006.  It's a relationship that God has blessed and used to help lots of people.  It's
obvious to me, that Don cares deeply for each individual and understands the complex issues that many people
deal with each day.  If you need help in "finding your way" through the maze of life, Don can help!
                                                         John Collins, Sr. Pastor
                                                         First Church of Christ, Altoona, PA
I don't know how to THANK YOU for saving my marriage.  Six months ago, I came to you with fear and depression,
looking for a way out.  If you remember, I had said, "It is either get a divorce or try counseling with you."  I am so glad I
went with the latter of the two, and my husband and I met you.  Because of you, I am happy again.  Because of you, my
fear and depression has subsided, and because of you (and GOD), not only am I closer to Him, but I am totally and
completely in love with my husband.  You have made me feel comfortable and welcome since the first day I met you.  I
am not going to lie, before we even started counseling, I had little faith that it might work.  Please, don't be offended by
this.  I say this because of my past and the "counselors" that I had to see because of my parents' divorce.  Boy was I
wrong.  I ended up enjoying our meetings each week; not only because you actually let me speak my mind and listened
to me, but because you made it clear that you would not take sides.  I was happy about this because if I was doing
something wrong, I wanted to hear about it so I could fix it.  It was so hard for me those first few weeks to completely let
go and let God have control.  I had so much anger and hatred, and I felt like I just couldn't let go of the "past".  For
weeks, I would pray for God to give me strength to help me find the "spark" I once had for my husband.  We would have
good days and bad and it was emotionally draining for me.  Regardless of how our week went, coming to you seemed to
make it better.  I love how you made me feel at ease, and I felt like I could tell you anything.  This is something that is
very hard for me, especially because I am genuinely terrified to repeat my parents past divorce.  There have been so
many fears that I have been able to overcome through God's blessings and through your help.  Thank you.
Your "homework assignments" were something that I looked forward to doing and in the process allowed me to look at
my husband in a different light.  Now I am more in love than ever with him.  I can really see changes in both of us. My
husband seems to have more control over his attitude and I am slowly, but confidently able to open up again.
What all this boils down to is "gifts".  Gifts are given for many occasions; holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc.  Gifts
can be in the form of a smile or a gentle hug.  Gifts can be given in the form of a promotion or money.  In my eyes, you
(and God) have given me one of the most amazing gifts I could ever receive...Faith, Hope & Love.  I have faith in God and
faith in my marriage.  I have hope for our future and my relationship with my husband; and I have the greatest gift of all
LOVE.  Love for God.  Love for my husband.  Love for myself.
With God's help, Don, you are able to impact lives in such a phenomenal way.  Thank you for your words of
encouragement every week telling us to keep working on our marriage; and thank you for believing in me.
                                                           C.S. - Blair County